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kcheerchick's Journal

10 March
My journal.
Read it if you like.
If you don't like what you read, don't read it.

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11:11, animals, art, baseball, beaches, beauty, big stone gap, blondeness, boogie nights, books, boyfriends, boys, burbon street, butts, cell phones, charlize theron, cheerleading, chocolate, college, cooking, cuddling, dancing, destiny, dreams, edward norton, ella enchanted, europe, ex-boyfriends, express, fixing hair, flamingos, flipflops, flirting, french, friendship, fripp island, giggling, great danes, guitars, hair dye, high heels, holding hands, horses, hot chocolate, hot tubs, jealousy, jet skis, john mayer, keeping secrets, kissing, laughing, lightning, love, lucky, lust, makeup, making out, mardi gras, margaritas, maroon 5, memories, nail polish, nakedness, napoleon dynamite, naughtiness, new orleans, nibbling, nose piercing, nyc, oakley, optimism, oral sex, ouija boards, parties, passion, peaches, penguins, perfection, perfume, pets, pictures, pirates, powell valley, procrastination, proms, questions, quiteness, quotes, rain, reading, ribbons, romance, roxy, santa, sarcasim, saved!, seafood, secrets, sewing, sex, sex and the city, shirtless, shoes, short stories, singing, six feet under, skinny dipping, sluttiness, smiling, snow, snow skiing, soulmates, stars, storms, studs, stunts, sucking, sunbathing, sunsets, suntan oil, surfing, sweatshirts, sweet briar college, sweet november, sweetness, swinging, talking, tarot cards, tatoos, teenagers, telephones, temptation, tennis, tequilla, the ocean, thongs, valentines, vegetarianism, virginity, visors, vols, waterfalls, whatever it takes, wiccan, winter, wishes, writing, xavier malisse